2001 Winners

Album of the Year
Convoy - Black Licorice

Artist of the Year
Ron Fountenberry

Best Acoustic
Steve Poltz

Best Alternative
Jack's Broken Heart

Best Alternative Album
Black Heart Procession - 3

Best Americana or Country
Billy Midnight

Best Big Band
Big Time Operator

Best Blues
Candye Kane

Best Blues Album
Buddy Blue - Pretend It's Okay 

Best Electronic
Square Circle

Best Hard Rock

Best Hip-Hop

Best Hip-Hop Album
Icons - Capture the Flag

Best Jazz
Gilbert Castellanos

Best Jazz Album
Kart Denson - Dance Lesson #2

Best Latin Jazz

B-Side Players

Best Local Recording
Via Satellite - Wake Up Heavy

Best New Artist
Rochelle Rochelle

Best Pop

Best Pop Album
Eve Selis - Long Road Home

Best Pop-Jazz
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Best Punk


Best Punk Album
Blink- 182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Best Rock

Sprung Monkey

Best Rock Album
Convoy- Black Licorice

Best Tribute Band
80's All Stars

Best World Music
Common Sense

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jack Costanzo

Song of the Year
P.O.D. - Alive