2006 Winners

Album of the Year
Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need To Whisper

Artist of the Year

Best Acoustic
Gregory Page 

Best Alternative
Goodbye Blue Monday 

Best Alternative Album
Transfer - Faded Signal 

Best Americana or Country
The Grams 

Best Americana or Country Album
Berkley Hart - Pocket Change 

Best Blues
Candye Kane

Best Blues Album
Fremonts - Mighty Crazy 

Best Club DJ
DJ Fingaz 

Best Electronic
The Album Leaf 

Best Hard Rock
Cattle Decapitation 

Best Hard Rock Album
The Locust - Safety Second, Body First 

Best Hip-Hop
Defamation League 



Best Hip-Hop Album

Deep rooted - Second Coming

Best Jazz

Jamie Valle

Best Jazz Album
Gilbert Cawstellanos - Underground

Best Local Recording
The Jade Shader - Curse of the Tuatara

Best New Artist

Kite Flying Society

Best Pop
Get Back Loretta

Best Pop Album

A.J. Croce - Cantos

Best Rock
Reeve Oliver

Best Rock Album
The Bloody Hollies - If Footmen Tire You

Best Tribute Band

Lady Dottie & the Diamonds

Best World Music

B-Side Players

Lifetime Achievement Award
The Farmers

Song of the Year
Angels & Airwaves - The Adventures