2018 Winners

Best Singer/Songwriter - Lindsay White
Best Jazz - Danny Green
Best Blues - Whitney Shay
Best Country or Americana - Sara Petite
Best Hip-Hop or Rap - Vokab Kompany
Best Indie/Alternative - Authentic Sellout
Best Pop - Birdy Bardot
Best Rock - The Farmers
Best World Music - B-Side Players
Best Live Performer - The Creepy Creeps
Best New Artist – Jumbotron
Best Jazz Album - Rebecca Jade & Peter SpraguePlanet Cole Porter
Best Blues Album - Robin HenkelSlippery Like a Watermelon Seed
Best Hip Hop/Rap Album - 1019 The NumbermanSolus Superstes
Best Indie/Alternative Album - Grizzly BusinessSpanish Old Fashioned
Best Pop Album - Marie HaddadStories From Atlantis
Best Rock Album – MittensEndlessly
Best Local Recording - Wish & the WellDarling Darling
Best World Music Album – MarujahMarujah Rising
Artist of the Year - Trouble in the Wind
Album of the Year - Little HurricaneSame Sun, Same Moon
Song of the Year - Ariel LevineSunshine Part 2: On My Color TV
Lifetime Achievement Award – The Paladins

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