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Mike Keneally - Wing Beat Fantastic
P.O.D. - Murdered Love
Pacific Air - Stop Talking
Pinback - Information Retrieved
Slightly Stoopid - Top Of the World
The Burning of Rome - With Us
Tristan Prettyman - Cedar + Gold
Wavves -Afraid of Heights

Family Wagon
Gilbert Castellanos
Little Hurricane
The Burning of Rome
The Heavy Guilt
The Silent Comedy

A.J. Croce – Rollin’ On
Pacific Air - Move
Pinback - Proceed to Memory
P.O.D. - Beautiful
Slightly Stoopid - Don't Stop
The Silent Comedy – God Neon
Tristan Prettyman - My Oh My
Wavves - Demon to Lean On


Cuckoo Chaos
Cult Vegas
Dead Feather Moon
The Burning of Rome
The Heavy Guilt
The Nformals
Tropical Popsicle
Wild Wild Wets


Lexington Field - No Man's War
Mad Traffic - City
New Mexico – Malpaís
Social Club - Gamma Rays
The Burning of Rome -With Us
The Heavy Guilt - s/t
The Night Marchers - Allez Allez
We Are Sirens - Every, Body, Panic


John Meeks
L.A. Edwards
Nena Anderson
Sara Petite
Roy Rapid & The Rhythm Rock Trio
Sara Watkins
The Tree Ring

A.J. Croce - Twelve Tales
Alaina Blair – s/t
El Monte Slim - If I Could Just Break Even
Folding Mr. Lincoln - Two Rivers
Joel Rafael - America Come Home
River City - The Flood & The Gavel
The Tilt - Howlin'
The Tree Ring - Brushbloom

The Bayou Brothers
Bill Magee Blues Band
Chet & The Committee
Michele Lundeen
Robin Henkel
Stoney B. Blues Band
Tomcat Courtney

Candye Kane - Coming Out Swingin'
Charles Burton Blues Band - Sweet Potato Pie
Chess Wars - Peace
Johnny Vernazza - Lions & Thieves
Low Volts - Oh My Stars
Red Lotus Revue – Fourteen Stories
Sue Palmer & her Motel Swing Orchestra - Party Favorites
Whitney Shay - Soul Tonic

Adam Salter
Fresh One
Gabe Vega
Kanye Asada
Marc Thrasher
Junior the Disco Punk
Saul Q
The Jones Revival
Cash'd Out
The Detroit Underground
Electric Waste Band
The Baja Bugs
Thunder Road
Audio Addiction
Death Crisis
Mortuus Terror
Author & Punisher-Women and Children
Boy King - 1
Dirty Sirens - s/t
In Feat and Faith - s/t
Lord Howler - ...Hath Four Heads!
Retox - YPLL
The Suicide Chords - A Process of Self Worth

Black Resume
Blame One
El Gun Legro
Grammatical B
Parker & the Numberman
Legacy Pack
The Lyrical Groove
Vokab Kompany


Addiquit - Tragedy
SinSerious - Awol & Gamma
Bloodstone The Street Preacher - Life of Rhyme
Marty MacPhly - In Advance
Miki Vale - The Good, The Bad & The Lovely
Odessa Kane - Cuetes & Balisongs
Trackwide - 21+
Vokab Kompany & Crush Effect - VKCE

Bill Caballero
Euphoria Brass Band
Gilbert Castellanos
In Motion Collective
Joshua White
Rob Thorsen
Dialog Project
The Earful

Danny Green - A Thousand Ways Home
Gilbert Castellanos - Federal Jazz Project
Mike Wofford - It's Personal
Miss Erika Davies - Part the Sea
Pocket - Resonance
Road Work Ahead - Intersection
Steph Johnson - Nature Girl
Teagan Taylor - Hello  

Burning of Rome
Gilbert Castellanos
Lady Dottie & the Diamonds
Little Hurricane
The Creepy Creeps
The Heavy Guilt
The Silent Comedy
The Styletones

Darius Degher - The Coyote Cantos
Grampadrew - Cut From The Cloth
The Sickstring Outlaws - Johnny Drank Jack
The Lovebirds - and a one and a two
The Midnight Pine - Awake Now
Tide Pools - Grief is a Wilderness
The Wayne Riker Five - Kindred Souls  

Cuckoo Chaos - Shanghaied
Mrs. Magician - There is No God
P.O.D. - Beautiful
Pinback- Sherman
Slightly Stoopid - Don't Stop
Social Club - Slow Motion
The Silent Comedy - God Neon
Wavves - Afraid of Heights

Chess Wars
Soda Pants
Teenage Burritos
The Filthy Violets
The Midnight Pine
The Phantoms

Dr. Seahorse
Mad Traffic
Mrs. Magician
Okapi Sun
Scott Mathiason & The Shifty Eyed Dogs
Smile Now Cry Later
The Silent Comedy
Ed Ghost Tucker

Belmont Lights - Telegraphs
Chris Carpenter - Up All Night
Dawn Mitschele - Silence the Noise
Josh Damigo - Hope
Neon Cough - New Adventures in Wi-Fi
Tori Roze and The Hot Mess – Turbulence
Old Tiger - Love Have Mercy
Tolan Shaw - s/t


Blackout Party
Black Hondo
Family Wagon
Grand Tarantula
Jet West
The Beautiful View
The Donkeys

Black Market III - Songs that Shake The Cage
Dirty Sirens - s/t
Hills Like Elephants - Feral Flocks
Safety Orange - State of Where I Am
The Nervous Wreckords - Let Them All Talk
The New Regime - Exhibit A
The Palace Ballroom -This is the Plan...
The Paragraphs - +/-

Chad Taggart
Christopher Dale
Gayle Skidmore
Gregory Page
Jeff Berkley
Jeffrey Joe Morin
Marie Haddad
Steven Ybarra

Cumbia Machin
Shoreline Rootz
The Devastators
Todo Mundo
Tribal Seeds

B-Side Players - Revolutionize
High Tide - Still Rising
Keltic Kharma - Cocktail Kharma
Patric Petrie - Pocket Venus
San Diego Island Boys - II
Revival - The Message
Stranger Band - Above it All
Tribal Theory - Hell of a Night