The following are the winners of the 29th annual San Diego Music Awards, VIRTUAL SDMA, presented on Monday,

July 6., 2020.

Best Singer/Songwriter – Nina Francis

Best Jazz – Euphoria Brass Band

Best Jazz Album - Nathan Hubbard Trio - This Stream

Best Blues – Taryn Donath

Best Blues Album - Shane Hall - West River Queen

Best Country or Americana – The Sleepwalkers

Best Country or Americana Album - Trouble in the Wind - All the Boys

Best Hip Hop/Rap – Riston Diggs & Sly Beats

Best Hip Hop or Rap Album - Parker Meridien - The Bully Pulpit

Best Indie/Alternative – Aviator Stash

Best Indie/Alternative Album - Ten Bulls - Physicians Magician

Best Pop – Johnny Tarr

Best Pop Album - Chloe Lou and the Liddells - Storybook

Best Rock – MDRN HSTRY
Best Rock Album – The Schizophonics - People In The Sky
Best World Music – Yale Strom & Hot Pstrami

Best World Music Album – Marujah - Gypsy Noise Ritual

Best Local Recording - Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Build Bridges

Best Live Band - Sully

Best New Artist – The Shanghais R&B

Artist of the Year – Rebecca Jade
Song of the Year - The Frets – Naïve Adolescence

Album of the Year – Switchfoot – Native Tongue


Lifetime Achievement Award – Richard "Blitz" Livoni

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