The following are the winners of the 24th annual San Diego Music Awards, presented on Monday, October 6, 2014 at Humphreys by the Bay in San Diego, CA.

Best Cover Band – Cash'd Out
Best Jazz – Gilbert Castellanos

Best Jazz Album – Nathan Hubbard - Encinitas and Everything After
Best Singer/Songwriter – Sierra West
Best Blues – Robin Henkel

Best Blues Album – Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact - self titled

Best Americana – Trouble in the Wind

Best Americana Album – The Midnight Pine - Buried
Best Hip Hop – Odessa Kane

Best Hip Hop Album – The Lyrical Groove - Spoken Soul
Best Pop – Nicky Venus

Best Pop Album – Gayle Skidmore - Sleeping Bear
Best Alternative – Dead Feather Moon

Best Alternative Album – The Burning of Rome - Year of the Ox
Best Rock – The Paragraphs

Best Rock Album – The Donkeys - Ride the Black Wave
Best Hard Rock – Schitzophonics

Best Hard Rock Album – Earthless - From the Ages
Best Club DJ – DJ Artistic
Best World Music – Todo Mundo

Best World Music Album – Tribal Seeds - Representing
Best New Artist – Cody Lavaas

Best Local Recording – Triumph of the Wild - self titled

Best Live Performer - The Burning of Rome

Best Music Video by a San Diego Artist - Jason Mraz - Love Someone
Artist of the Year – Jason Mraz

Album of the Year – Little Hurricane - Gold Fever
Song of the Year – The Burning of Rome - God of Small Things


Lifetime Achievement Award – Tomcat Courtney
San Diego Music Industry Award – Bob Taylor/Taylor Guitars